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So hi guys, your math guy here. I'm a pretty young guy- 10 years old, but don't worry. I make math videos, and I appreciate if u sub, as 1 sub means a lot for me. My username is 1729 math_blog. I have links to many channels. I have my gaming and short clips channels, and you should sub to those too. Here you find extensive information about my channel.

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I currently have 17 subs including my friends in school. I am very grateful for the subscribers! So please, subscribe and you can relax with math videos, which will do no harm. If you love math, you love my channel too!

The Subscriber Milestones

 1 sub: 15 sept 2020;

10 subs: 27 dec 2020

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These are my plans and my results.

Plans Paper

Currently no plans, but my wanted numbers are

1. F(36) C165

2. F(38) C157

3. F(39) C170

4. F(49) C192

5. F(59) C204

Top ECM factors by me

1. f(49) c229=2995024595046490939332597113516148569*c192
2. f(27) c102=1231457050117659778514180304540650653*p66
3. f(41) c139=55243013441740565570953768440031141*p104

4. f(40) c149=31818292488050999910047241621279353*c114

5. f(41) c174=30019366266367849581776008521434497*c139

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